Thursday, November 26, 2015

Untouchability - Keeps Nectar Away

During a conversation between Indira and Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna appears distracted. When Indira enquires about it, Lord Krishna replies that he was thinking about a sage by name Uttanka who was meditating upon him in the desert. A few days ago Lord Krishna granted him his “Vishvaroopa” darshan (Revealed or showed to Uttanka his true cosmic form). He also granted Uttanka a boon that he would bring him water whenever he was thirsty. At that moment Uttanka was thinking about Lord Krishna, as he was thirsty. 
Lord Krishna then tells Indira that he was considering giving him Amruta (divine nectar). Indira is worried that Lord Krishna was being a bit hasty. He wants to test Uttanka if he is worth to receive the Amruta and wants to test Uttanka.  Lord Krishna is confident that Uttanka being an enlightened soul would definitely pass the test. Indira requests that he be allowed take the Amruta to Uttanka. He also tells Lord Krishna that he would be taking the Amruta wearing a disguise.

Uttanka is in the desert meditating upon Lord Krishna, he hears a sound, which he assumes is the sound of anklets of Lord Krishna.  However when he opens his eyes he sees a Chandala. (A chandala is the keeper of cremation grounds. He usually appears as someone who hasn’t taken a bath for many days, he wears a necklace of skulls, and is always in the company of a few dogs). When Uttanka sees the Chandala (Indira in the guise of a Chandala was bringing him Amruta actually) he feels repulsive towards him. He tries to move away from him as the Chandala offers him some water. He tells the Chandala that he will to accept water from a person of lower caste. Right at that moment the Chandala vanishes and Lord Krishna appears. Uttanka is surprised. Lord Krishna explains to him that it was Lord Indira who was in the guise of a Chandala, and that Uttanka who was such an enlightened soul should have known better than to discriminate.

Lord Krishna however keeps his promise to Uttanka and tells Uttanka that whenever he is thirsty, a rain cloud will appear over him and he will get water. Till today the rain clouds that appear over the desert are referred to as the Uttanka clouds.

One More Story

Uttanka remains a brahmachari until his old age and then marries his guru’s daughter after converting himself into a sixteen-year-old youth through his ascetic power as desired by his guru. His wife is the daughter of Ahalya and Gautama

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