Monday, April 7, 2014

Fight with Banasura

Shaivi Version
Vaishnav Version


Bheem and Hanuman

When Banasur refused to marry his daughter off to the Yadav prince, the war started, and soon got intensified. Banasur was also a great warrior – so in order to cut the long story short, Krishna threw his Chakra at him. Banasur was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, so he beseeched the lord to come and rescue him. Lord Shiva came and stopped the Chakra with his trident. Now these were both Vajras, and when they engaged themselves with each other, terrible heat was released and the two spit fire everywhere while they remained engaged up in the sky.
The heat and fire started taking their toll on the living beings on the ground. The common people requested Gods to intervene. But the rule was that only a Vajra can touch Vajras that are engaged in a battle. The search was launched for that kind of Vajra that could go to the sky and deal with the Chakra and the trident. Someone suggested taking help from Hanuman, the son of the Wind god and Anjani, because he had a body of Vajra. When approached, Hanuman agreed. He had in the past, made great leaps – towards the Sun in his childhood and then to Lanka. However, Hanuman said that one problem had to be solved yet. If Hanuman leapt to the sky and disengaged the two embattled Vajras, the might for which he had, he still needed to land on the earth. Now, the earth could not have tolerated three vajras falling from the sky, so if Hanuman landed without another Vajra, then the Chakra, the Trident and Hanuman –all would go to the Paataal – the underbelly of the earth from which there is no return.
Now someone suggested that Bheem, one of the five Paandav brothers, had half his body that was Vajra. So Bheem was also brought on the scene. Bheem now lay on the ground side-ways such that the Vajra side of his body faced the sky. Then Hanuman jumped and with all his might disengaged the two embattled Vajras, held them reverently and requested their destructive forces to be calm and landed on Bheem’s body.
At that moment three and a half Vajras joined together and Bansur Became Enlightened 

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