Saturday, July 12, 2014

Raasa Leela

‘Raasleela’ is the Cosmic Dance in which featured Krishna and Gopis.
It is very clearly stated in the Scriptures that:‘Raasleela paanch bhoutik shareer ke tyaag ke baad hee hui hai’, it means that the ‘Enchanting Drama’ was performed, (by) beyond the physical body.Spiritual lover’s logic: The Gopis felt separate from God before the Rasleela.Since ‘to be separated’ from the Lord is ‘Fire’.Therefore the physical body consisting of 5 elements was burnt out (and so there was nothing physical in the Rasleela.This was no mundane sexual desire and its fulfillment.

Let me tell you a story before we enter ‘The Rasleela’ Once Kaamdev (The God of Passionate Sexual desire) came to Krishna.Krishna said to him: “Don’t you remember that you were defeated by Shivji?” Kaamdev said: “When I had gone to grapple with Him, He was meditating upon the Almighty and hence I was burnt”.Sri Krishna reminded Kaamdev that the latter had been defeated by Sri Ram!Kaamdev admitted that he could not tempt the Lord when He had incarnated as Shri Ram as He was devoted to only Seeta, and was a perfect follower of principles. (Maryaada Purshottam)Krishna asked Kaamdev: “What is your desire now?” Kaamdev said: “This incarnation You are not bound by any conditionings, and you freely prance with the Gopis; I shall release my arrow, if you do not succumb to it, I shall consider you God. If however you are defeated, then I shall be God.I shall release my arrow on a full moon night!Krishna said: “If this is your desire, so be it!” Kaamdev at the end of Raas leela proclaims that he who wants to conquer over sexual desire/obsession should read the ‘Rasleela ‘chapter in the Shrimad Bhaagvad! and then Kaamdev Surrenders to Krishna

How The Raasleela took place!

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