Friday, November 2, 2018



As My contemporary sister, people within the world will worship you with all kinds of valuable presentations:
  1. incense, 
  2. candles, 
  3. flowers and 
  4. offerings of sacrifice.

People will worship you under the different forms of your expansions, which will be named
  1. Durga, 
  2. Bhadrakali, 
  3. Vijaya, 
  4. Vaisnavi, 
  5. Kumuda, 
  6. Candika, 
  7. Krsna, 
  8. Madhavi, 
  9. Kanyaka, 
  10. Maya, 
  11. Narayani, 
  12. Isani, 
  13. Sarada and 
  14. Ambika." 
 Krsna and Yogamaya appeared as brother and sister--the Supreme Powerful and the supreme power.

With the Vedic mantra OM, she confirmed that she would do what He asked.

Maha Vs Yoga maya